Monday, March 12, 2007

Blog Hits

I was reminded today that many people periodically check out my blog, but they may not leave comments. I often judge how interesting my blogging has been by the number of hits I get. On tblog it was not uncommon to top the 30 comment mark(my return comments included) on a regular basis. I evne made their top 10 list one time. Now I get excited if it ever approaches 10. This morning as I visited St. Louis friends I was reminded that a few friends and strangers do indeed visit my blogsite, but they don't leave comments.

It made me reflect as to why I blog. I guess I like to blog so friends from close and afar can keep up with what is going on in my life. I have picked up a few blog friends along the way and I do enjoy the blog community. I once put Bravenet hit tracker on my site so I could check out who visits and how they found my site. Keeping up with this seemed to take up more of my time than actually posting blogs and visiting other people's sites so I bailed. We talked this morning about if someone who has a blogsite can actually tell who visits and from where. The answer is yes as far as I know.

I do have one friend who takes it personal that the main way he gets to stay in touch with me is thru reading my blogsite. He thinks that it is a lot less personal than phone calls, emails and letters. Others have said they enjoy keeping up with the MAN thru reading entries.

I do appreciate all who visit whether you leave comments or not. Whether you comment in disuise, "me" or whether you just say who you are. I do know that my frequent fliers are billyv, "me", wiccachicky, pigs, txgrl and those I've linked along with infrequent commentors rebecca, coco, resourceful and erin.

I rarely comment about about work because there could be a mole checking out my blogsite. So usually cards means poker, work means school, boss means principal and clients mean students.

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