Wednesday, March 14, 2007

End of Trip

Yesterday I got the vacation blues as my friend drove me home after we watched Wild Hogs. I knew I was less than 24 hours before departure time. My biggest blunder of the trip was allowing my friend to leave with my mom's cell phone in his front seat. I figured this out as soon as he pulled off the street. Call him right? Well, my mom's home line doesn't allow area code 314 calls and both his and mom's cell were just that. After trying to locate someone home who could call I just called "0" and had the call billed to her home phone number. It cost my friend a good 15 minutes extra on the night to bring it back by.

Today: pack and visit a local mall to see if I can get any deals on St. Louis Cardinal goods. I think we are going to bowl one last time, eat dinner and then head to the airport for my 7:40 flight. Get home probably 10:30pm when all is said and done.

Thursday: Tournament time for the NCAA. I have 6 for SURE details to take care of Thursday and Friday. Three are to payoff the Christmas tree I bartered for and another 3 are prepaid. I still owe Pigs one freebie for helping me set up my room last Summer.

Friday: detail cars and BillyV is coming to town. I do have a softball game to call Friday night.

Saturday: may detail cars including BillyV's and he needs to help me fix a sprinkler head that I busted on my first mow. May mow one lot for a friend and then play cards Saturday night.

Sunday: I am craving good worship with my family. It seems for 2 months we've taken turns going to church whether one of us or the kids is sick or one of us is out of town. They really don't think we're a normal functioning family!

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