Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Closed on Mondays

We headed out yesterday to entertain my daughter and while driving to the Butterfly house my mom notices that it is closed on Mondays. Next choice is The Magic house and it is closed. We ended up going to The Arch and we checked out the Westward Expansion Museum of Lewis and Clark. I thought they had more animals but they only had a few. My daugher was quickly bored. I asked the information desk where the City Museum was and received easy directions. My daughter wanted to ride the elevators up the Arch leg to the top but at $10 a pop I convinced her maybe something better was in store.

We then drove to the City Museum only to find, "Closed On Mondays" awaiting us when we pulled up. This place is a mace of artistic style tubes, metal and netting that kids can endlessly crawl thru. $12 a pop though and I wondered would me and my mom have to pay too if we wouldn't be climbing thru the mazes that reached sky high. I could imagine losing my 3 year old son if he were there.

We ended up at the St. Louis Zoo(FREE). We went to the Children's Zoo part for a small fee. We really didn't alot enough time for the zoo and by 1pm we were beat just from driving place to place.

All told I think my daughter had a good day. We'll hit the Butterfly house today and let her ride the carousel close by.

I plan on meeting my friend Jon at the movies and we'll see Wild Hogs.

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