Monday, March 26, 2007

Mowing in the Rain

My plan was to mow 3 yards on Monday after school but the forecast was for rain....60% chance for most of the day and up to 80% at night. I should have known better than to cancel my mowing plans due to a forecast. Last week they forecasted rain about 6 days and it never rained.

Anyway I decided not to load my mowing equipment because it was for sure going to rain. Well, as of 2:30pm today it had yet to rain. I then decided to run home during my planning time and load the equipment. Then it rains a little bit on me as I pull back into the parking lot at work. Great, we need the rain anyhow I guess. Then it stopped as soon as it had started.

I left work about 5 minutes early and started mowing my first lawn. It began to rain a consistent heavy drops that quickly soaked the streets building up big puddles. I was then committed to mow and made it to my 2nd stop. The rain was pretty heavy as I mowed the back yard. No stopping now as I began to mow the front yard. I got caught mowing by my friend who gave me the, "Don't you know it is mowing look." Sure I did, I was having fun and I had yet to hear any thunder. With it raining I was able to put out the weed and feed and hope it wouldn't rain too much and dilute it a bit.

Feet soaked and body drenched I made my way to lawn #3. The rain let up a bit, but the ground where grass wasn't growing had become muddy on the top. Mud quickly built up on the mower wheels and it got a little bit messy. I did it! I mowed all 3 lawns and fertilized 2 within 2 hours. As I was leaving a lady pulls up and asks if I'd be interested in mowing her lawn.

I thought since it was a mobile home park it wouldn't be bad and gave her a really cheap estimate. Then I saw her lawn. Very little to mow around her home, BUT a huge hill behind it. I bumped my estimate $5 and she said she would check with one other person. I really hope this person decides to mow it. My plate is actually full.

Yes, it is mowing season and I've got new things to blog about. I'm inside and dry right now and don't have a mowing or auto detail commitment until Thursday!

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