Sunday, March 25, 2007

Found $60 and Saved $30

I finally loaded up a few extra items that were left over from the hardwood floor installation and took them back to Lowes. 2 bags of floor leveler at $25 each really helped along with a few miscellaneous items that had been sitting around for a while. All told my credit at Lowes was just over $60. And all of this was just sitting around the house.

We still had about $233 left on our Lowes giftcards so we purchased a ceiling fan along with a light for the kitchen. As we wandered thru the garden section we came across a good looking Japenese Maple. We have talked about getting one of these for YEARS so with about $100 left over to spend the $109 price tag didn't look so bad. Plus my lawn mower scares have passed and spending the $ tagged for a new mower could now be used to treat ourselves to the Japanese Maple. Well, it rang up for $79 saving us $30. Not bad.

My most rewarding savings on the night came when I decided not to buy drinks at Golden Chick and instead crossed under the highway to the On The Go gas station. 32 oz. drinks were only 62 cents. I probably saved about $3 all told. Nothing like handing your 3 and 6 year olds 32 oz. drinks since they were cheaper than the small drinks.

Now if I would just transfer our one credit card to the GM credit card offer imagine how much interest I can save in the next year PLUS I could earn credit for our next GM purchase.

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