Friday, March 16, 2007

Pink Eye

Came home yesterday after detailing 2 cars and a jetski and did chores around the house. I had a birthday party to go to so I cleaned up a bit and when I looked into the mirror I saw that my eye was bloodshot red. It looked as if it were actually bleeding. It didn't feel puffy or anything. It was a little gritty, but I had just spent 4+ hours outside on a nice sunny day. Then I realized that as I was cleaning the bottom of the jetski sand and dirty would fall off as I got close to the rails. I do remember getting some grit in my eye.

I took the Visine and placed a few drops in my eye and immediately washed out some gritty stuff. It didn't fully take care of the redness, but it felt a lot better. It was still a bit red this morning so I again squirted Visine in. Probably not doing myself any favors mowing 3 lawns today as it is a bit windy.

I hope it isn't really pink eye.

As I post this entry BillyV is somewhere driving his green Honda Civic in the state of Oklahoma. Please pray for him! Speed traps and it is so hard to stay awake since it is a boring drive.

Softball game to announce tonight as I will be critiqued by BillyV and then some cards.

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