Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's A Beautiful Day

Did hit the MANFC cheapskate jackpot yesterday when we arrived to bowl and it was $1 a game. We bowled 5 games each and I finally beat my brother the last game. The money we saved bowling was spent on appetizers for my last supper in STL.

Arrived home last night without complications. Smooth flight, landed and was in the car home all within 20 minutes. Figured driving takes 10 hours all told and flying takes about 5 considering the time it takes to get to the airport, the waiting, the landing and getting picked up. Lot less tiring though.

Since I was cured of my strep throat last week my illness has migrated to sinus issues. Could not breathe the last 2 nights. Bought some generic stuff at Dollar General yesterday and it didn't work. Then went to Walgreens for some professional advice and Claritin D was recommended. $9 for 10 pills and it did NOTHING for me yesterday. So last night I mixed up a little medicine cocktail of a a few things I had here at home and the Claritin. Was figidity until about 2am this morning when I decided to sleep on the couch. When the wife woke up for work I migrated to the bed and got 3 more hours of decent sleep. Feeling better today, but not 100%.

Just detailed a Dodge Ram truck, Pontiac G6 convertible and a jetski for $120. Took me about 3 1/2 hours. It truly is a beautiful day outside. Will watch a little of the NCAA opening day games today. I've got kid duty tonight as my wife has open house at her school.

Back in Texas for a while!

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