Friday, June 02, 2006


One thing I've noticed about being in St. Louis besides the fact that there are a lot less SUVs is that all of the highways seem to have those portable message signs. I have noticed that they cause confusion and traffic and are probably more harmful than helpful. I'm the guy who wants to know the statistics like, "accidents caused by signs." People are being asked to slow down, take their eyes off of the road, read, then avoid all of the brake lights ahead of them. Many times the messages are totally irrelevant.

Some of the messages I've read this week:

Air Quality Orange, drive less.
Air Quality Green, breathe easy.
Construction Zone next 8 miles, travel time 9 minutes.
PS bridge construction 6/5-6/9, avoid area.

There have been others, but people are slowing down and taking their eyes off the road to read stupid messages. Add using a cell phone, smoking a cigarette, drinking a cold beer, yelling at kids not in a car seat, playing with the radio, etc.


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