Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Prison Guard

When we arrived at the prison one lady went through our bags thoroughly while our host chatted with us. I was worried that my spare BVD undies might make a guest appearance, but they didn't. Once we were okay'd we were escorted by a real happy lady who was as nice as many of my Bed N Breakfast hosts. I was really impressed with her hospitality. She was very informative offering information only if we asked. I know in some situations people tend to offer way too much information, but this lady didn't.

I'm not sure if she was just a regular guard or if she was a Sargeant. I really think she was the latter. She had shared that she started in 1984 and had been there ever since. She appeared really well accepted by the inmates too. When we were leaving for the day all I could say was, "Thanks for your awesome hospitality."

This lady left a positive impression on me about prison workers. I would think that it would be easy to be calloused having to be in charge of criminals day in and day out for more than 20 years. I know how calloused I am after working with 10 years olds for just ONE year.

Tomorrow's post: Calling Fouls on Convicts

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