Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Gym

Last Thursday we joined the gym and actually used it for the first time Friday. On Friday my wife and I got familiar with the circuit machines doing a set or 2 on different machines just trying to find the ones we are comfortable with. Late Friday night I could feel my body tightening up a bit. Saturday morning I was sore. I had not worked out in a while and even though we went light on Friday I am still sore on Sunday. We did go back Saturday for an hour of cardio and I sampled the sauna and 104 degree whirlpool.

One thing we need to do as a family is buy decent work out clothes. My wife borrowed a pair of my nylon shorts only to show me that the side was ripped. A few minutes later she found that there was a hole in the front crotch. Fortunately I brought a second pair for me to change into so she got lucky.

The cool thing about this is that the $60 a month is well spent. My kids love the daycare play room and I get some recreational companionship. It is rare that my wife and I can even carry on a conversation without being interrupted by the kids. On top of every thing WE should improve our physical conditioning.

First goal is to lose weight. Second goal is to change my mindset to being healthy therefore making better eating choices. The last thing would be to look better as my body tones up a bit.

We are extremely happy with this gym and really look forward to going about every day this summer.

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