Saturday, June 10, 2006

Flies and More Flies

Our back door was open often today as my wife grilled burgers and we also had our neighbor's 2 kids over on our baby sitting/date night exchange. I think 2 flies came in each time the door opened. On my top 10 most passionate list is my distaste for flies. I HATE THEM. I'm not sure if they spit or poop each time they land, all I know is I think they are disgusting. Flies=MAGGOTS. I will waste up to 20 minutes chasing one fly around with the swatter, and what an invention. I am impressed at my brother's ability to catch flies with his hands. I would say he is 99% successful when he attempts to catch a fly that has landed. My favorite part is when he shakes them up and them slams them on the ground causing them some serious headaches. In our younger days he would pull the wings off or tie a thread on their leg and treat them like a kite. I prefer just smashing them. That said, my main job for the night is to get the vacuum cleaner out and clean the areas below the windows. I think I am up to over 20 kills. "That's right Iceman, I am dangerous."

I would get one of those fly strips, but to me that seems so backwoods hoosier.

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