Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Joining the Gym

My wife and I are wanting to join a local gym and have most likely settled on LA Fitness which happens to be the closest to our house. It comes highly recommended from friends at church and a couple guys I work with. I dropped in for a visit yesterday to take the tour with my "sales guide." It is a new building and seems like it is exactly what we need. Membership costs would be $60 a month plus tax for both myself and my wife. One HUGE positive is that the membership includes childcare for when I visit to work out.

The membership cost per month is favorable compared to LIFETIME Fitness, but the only reserve I have is that they want first and last month's fees, PLUS the initial membership fees of $189.00 making the total due at signing a little over $300.

Has anyone joined a gym lately? Is any of this initial cost negotiable? Please let me know ASAP since we are going back up Thursday as a family to check this place out.

Time to get into shape. NO EXCUSES!

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