Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Power of Prayer

The night before I left on my 9 day St. Louis trip the wife of a friend of mine called and left a message concerning her husband. Even though it was late I called back. She informed me that my friend was diagnosed with the milder form of luekemia. I got back Monday night and called him to see how he was doing. He sounded great and informed me he was still in the hospital. Another friend of mine went with me to visit him yesterday and my friend looked great for having received one round of chemo and also being locked up in the hospital for 2 weeks.

My friend is a Christian who shared that he had a renewed spirit 2 years ago when his daughter was baptized and it was obvious many people were already praying for him. I would credit his positive attitude and side effect free first round of chemo treatment to prayer. Prayer and a positive attitude goes a long way.

I share all of this in hopes that you too will pray for my 35 year old friend, husband and father of 2. Even if it is a quick prayer right now or if you put him on a regular prayer list. His chances of survival are good, but every prayer will help.

Pray specifically for his health and that he doesn't waste energy worrying about his everyday duties. Pray that his wife remains strong and positive. Pray that his children are understanding. Pray that he makes new friends in his month long hospital stay. Pray that he finds a bone marrow donor and that the transplant is successful. Pray that he is surrounded by plenty of friends.

Thanks for your time.

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