Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Down and Out

I took my turn with a stomach virus after all of my family struggled through it this past week. LAST Thursday my wife and daughter went thru the vomitting and diarhea episodes. Friday when my wife called to confirm my son's 2 year doctor check up they almost cancelled his appointment because the office was going through the same bouts of illness. They kept his appointment and Saturday he ended up with the vomitting symptoms. By Sunday he was okay and we took him to church even though they have a "policy" that he is supposed to stay home since he had been vomitting within the last 24 hours. Pretty hard to stay home when both my wife and I have 8:30 am teaching commitments.

Then came Tuesday morning. My stomach was awful rocky and it didn't help that I absorbed some buttered popcorn at the movies Monday night(Nacho Libre-pretty good guy movie). Most of my time Tuesday and Wednesday was spent laying still on the couch. My problem is that I don't throw up. I did experience nauseating feelings, but when the uncontrolled urged to throw up would hit I would sneeze twice. Then I would be okay for a while. Nice alternative to throwing up. My wife and I concluded that instead of the 24 hour virus that my family had I actually kept it twice as long since I couldn't throw up.

The only things I had yesterday would have been a snow cone and a vanilla shake. This morning I actually ate a pumpkin muffin and tonight I braved a plain chicken burrito from Chipotle topped off with an ice cream cone from DQ.

What a blessing it is to actually be able to pass gas without worrying about sharting. Hopefully I am back to normal now: mowing, working out, detailing cars.

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