Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer is Over

June 30th means one thing, July is here. Usually in July I stop detailing cars because even at 8am it is too hot. July usually means we wrap up vacations as we will do the 2nd-9th as we travel to St. Louis to visit family for no particular reason. Sunday we will stay with BillyV and his family at the lake. Monday a short drive will take us to my wife's family. On July 4th we plan on watching fireworks downtown St. Louis near Kiener plaza. The Arch provides a picturesque backdrop. Not sure about Wed-Thur other than one of those days will be reserved for bowling. Friday night my wife and I will stay in a bed and breakfast to celebrate 11 years. Saturday morning we will canoe down the Meramec River, the only river north of the equator that travels north. We will return for the final weeks of summer on July 9th. I am sure I will take a few professional development classes the last week of July and my wife reports to school July 31st with an August 7th kid start date.

Right now it is hot, it doesn't rain, and we are under watering restrictions. Today happens to be my day for watering!

I just read an email from our district communication person and I get a $3,700 pay raise for next year along with my wife bringing in a teacher salary too! Time to get out of debt and time to start tithing to the church consistently AND joyfully!

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