Tuesday, June 06, 2006

46 Years Together

Sunday while in St. Louis I put together a little birthday party at an entertainment center for my 2 year old. Only had 8 kids total and it seemed like a good party. When the party was over my kids rode home with family on the other side so I was with my mom and dad. When we were getting out of the car my mom and dad mentioned that if they had stayed together Sunday would have been their 46th anniversary. I kind of looked at them and thought they don't look as old as some of those people who have their 50th anniversary picture in the paper. Maybe they would in 4 years. Then again I'm starting to feel as if I am looking 40ish my self.

46 years ago would they have still gotten married if they knew they would divorce after 23 years? Would they still have kids knowing the 2 products they have right now? Have the 46 years been worth it since they are friends again and they do things together. THEY DO NOT DATE! They are on friendly terms and it is nice being able to bring my family in from out of state and not have to visit grandpa and then visit grandma. We do the one stop visit for the most part and everyone comes to visit us.

I am back in Texas after a 9 day trip and I slept until 9am sort of. I did stay in bed until after 9am.

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