Friday, June 09, 2006

Free Child Care

My wife came up with a great idea for FREE child care, Vacation Bible School....aka VBS. Most Baptist churches and many other churches have a week long program for neighborhood kids. Ours is June 26-30, 9am-12noon. We figured we could find a different church each week to take our soon to be 5 year old who is finally going thru her terrible two's. If we were fortunate enough we could find a morning program at one church and an evening 5-9pm program at another church. Just pull up, drop her off, go and enjoy some peaceful time with our 2 year old and go back to pick her up 3 hours later. I really do wonder how many people do use the church for free child care. I know when I taught elementary kids back in St. Louis most of them were dropped off on Sundays by there non-church going parents; nine to noon childcare.

Any other ideas because she is driving us crazy!

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