Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I wonder what percentage of people actually despise Valentine's Day? This is definitely a created holiday that is big business for candy companies, flower shops, restaurants and card companies. I had to announce tonight right after school so I did much of my shopping with my 2 kids last night while mommy was busy tutoring. I first tried a small grocery store by my house and ended up buying a lilly plant and 2 cards. $10 for the plant and $5 for both cards. We proceeded to walk out to the "convenient tent" on the parking lot. They didn't have much. I had in mind something nontraditional like a tulip bouquet or arrangement. They had nothing. I then drove to a florist. Entry point rose arrangements started at $69.99. My wife would be disappointed if I spent that much. I saw a 6 tulip display in a small bowl and inquired about the price: $39.99. NO WAY! I then went on to a nicer grocery store that actually has a decent in store florist. I ended up buying the Holiday bouquet for $15.

My wife got the flowers last night and my daughter gave her a card tonight. I gave a simple card with a self made A to Z adjective list describing my wife. She also received a $20 Stamp It up set from me a few days ago. She says she was extremely satisfied with my efforts.

Today at school we had mind numbing Valentine's parties. During the day I ended up with many items: 2 different stuffed bears with boxing gloves, another smaller bear with Hershey's kisses, a $10 card to Barnes and Noble, 2 heart shaped candy boxes, an M & M shaped jar with M & Ms inside and other miscellaneous cards and candies. During the party the kids made ice cream Sundaes. I passed since I was on my calorie counting diet. Now if someone had brought in chips and hot sauce I think I would have dove right in.

The high light of the day was when the office called saying I had a special delivery. I was concerned that my wife might have spent money on flowers for me. Instead she made a heart shaped rice krispy treat along with a card that she and my daughter constructed. It was a special moment. I really felt appreciated by all of my kids and then was reminded of how special my family actually is to me.

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Pigs said...

Aw, that's sweet. I think Valentine's is nice for kids. I loved getting stuff from my dad when I was little. And exchanging cards is fun for kids. I just don't like it as an adult. My husband and I don't really participate. Actually, he pleased me immensely by bringing home a "Subway Bouquet" for dinner. See? I AM low maintenence!