Friday, February 10, 2006

Casserole Etiquette

It was teacher appreciate week and I benefited from a 15 minute massage, plants, flowers, breakfast and today was casserole day. The idea is each teacher is provided with a casserole made a parent or parents. I received mixed signals because parent ONE asked what I would want and parent TWO stated they would bring one by. This is how today plays out: One of my students left campus for lunch and when he returned he brought a gift certificate for a local establishment. The card read, "This is your casserole." This provided by parent THREE.

Yes! I thought. I dodged having to take home a meal prepared by someone else. I have issues with food prepared by someone else mainly when it is packaged and transported. Was the food handled properly? Was any of the food spoiled? How long had it been since it was cooked? Had it sat out any length of time. So in general I am casserole fobic.

Then it happened. Unknowingly parent FOUR caught me in the hallway with a 20 pound casserole that was still warm. She was so excited I thought I was going to have to take a bite right there. Good thing she didn't have a fork. Then parent TWO brings in 2 meals. One baked chicken along with a box of rice and a bag of salad lettuce. Another meal was chicken spaghetti from a local company that specializes in catering.

After all said parents left I ended up the joke of the HALLway. General consensus was that I could not eat the casserole prepared by parent number FOUR. So what to do with a 20 pound casserole? I'll end up having to lie about how good it was. The consensus was I'd be okay with the 2 meals parent TWO brought in. Definitely the steal of the day was the gift certificate. I also got a giftcard for a local bakery.

Being raised in and around a Baptist church it is not uncommon for meals to be provided for different occasions: death, birth, illness, etc. I always trusted those meals for the most part. But what do you do when you receive a meal from someone that is less than appealing or from someone you have doubts about?

Good thing I've racked up about $150 in restaurant cards and certificates. Now I just have to find a sitter to watch the kids so my wife and I can enjoy a night out!


Billy V said...

Casseroles from strangers, I don't think so (Unless it is my famous cyanide surprise. The surprise? No cyanide)

The MAN Fan Club said...

Your casserole is probably baked chicken and a side of green beans.

Pigs said...

Local bakery?? You didn't tell me about that one! Who was that? You racked up! I just got the one gift card. But no 20 pound casserole. LOL.

H0kie Erin said...

I really need to switch schools. Teacher Appreciation Week? Gift cards? All my mother ends up with are candles, Bath and Body Works stuff, and ugly decorations. Dang.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to PIGS: I told you about the $10 to Panera from my newest student.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to hokie: If she were your dad instead the parents may treat him like a novelty and get gifts like I do.

Anonymous said...

"u lika tha sauce"

"a little something special for you"

Not what I want!! Would hate to get halfway thru it & find a hair (especially the little curly kind) or something..

Thanks but I am fasting now!

MommyProf said...

I don't think you have to worry about people poisoning you deliberately, but you might want to worry about food poisoning. Heat the casserole to 160 degrees in the middle and it should be fine to eat (I had food safety training for meals on wheels cooking)

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to mommyprof: It did not even look appealing so it didn't make it home. I did buy a meat/grease thermometer this weekend.