Thursday, February 23, 2006

On Demand

I previously posted about getting cable instead of Dish and one feature I REALLY like is On Demand. There are man types of programs I can pull right up, most without having to pay for them. My daughter would watch a program called Zaboomafoo before they pulled it from Dish and not I can pull it up anytime and there are 12 programs without commercials. When I can let her watch decent programming without commercials I am all for it. Last night my wife mentions that there are many CBS programs on demand so I pulled up the last week's Survivor and watched it for 99 cents. Now if I were really on the ball I would have recorded it on our DVR last week, but I rarely plan ahead for anything.

Last night it took forever figuring out the "favorites" channels. How many channels out of 250 should be on a favorites list? When you add in that we can only create one favorites for the whole family we ended up with channels like HGTV, Animal Planet, ESPN, Food Network, A & E, DIY, Noggin, and Encore.

I just wish I could DELETE the crappy, seldom watched channels like I could on DISH. On Dish we could create a favorites channel for each family member. That said, I am still glad we switched to cable.

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