Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I announced boys basketball tonight and the boys lost by one point. Great game huh? We are in last place in district and we played the 2nd place team so it shouldn't have been that close. We started off down 9-2. After one period we actually led 14-13. In the second period we did not make one basket. We were outscored 23-3 and were down by 19 a half. I was ready to consider it another big loss at home. Our boys got back into the game and were down by 8 after 3 periods. We actually got the ball with 17 seconds down by 3 points. With 6 seconds left one of our boys passed up a 3 point shot and drove in for a 2 point lay up. We did intercept the long inbounds pass and shot a desperation shot that was no where near the basket. We lost 63-62. Heartbreaking for sure. Take away the 2nd period and we outscore them by 19. Every second counted tonight.

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