Friday, February 24, 2006


I am going to try to add a little something to my posting so each day I will add a little Balderdash into my posts. In the game Balderdash they only use crazy words so I will use the Beyond Balderdash approach as they add in acronyms and dates. I might give the letters CPS and you entertain guesses as to what it might mean. Some examples of guesses:

Child Protection Services
Chicago Polish Society
Crawfish Po'Boy Sandwich

The real answer is.....Concrete Paver Systems.

I may give a date and you guess what happened that date. I guess you COULD do a little research on dates so feel free.

Today's letters are: P.C.C.A.

Today was easy and uneventful. Our team did get to enjoy a fajita lunch provided by our parents. It was tearing me up even 6 hours later. Hopefully the pizza that I threw on top of it will allow me to sleep well tonight. Throw in a steady rain and a few tums and I'll be deep asleep minutes after crashing into the waiting mattress.

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