Sunday, February 26, 2006

Angel Food Ministries

April 30, 1939-The New York World's Fair opened to the public.

Yesterday I went by a local church and picked up our food order from Angel Food Ministries. What a deal. Select foods are pre-boxed and ready to go when you stop by your food pick up place. Our's happens to be at a local church.

For the month of March we are able to order a bunch of for for $26. This includes some of the following: 5 lbs. chicken leg quarters, 4 pork chops, 3 lb. chicken tenders, 8 breaded beef cube patties, a meatball sub, 2 lb. boneless chicken breast, dinner rolls, corn and veggies, a dessert item, 2 lb. french fries, a bag of vegetable blend, mac and cheese, pancake mix, a breakfast cereal, powdered milk, tomato sauce, and a dozen eggs. They place the retail value at $60. We can also order from the specials list: 5 lb. New York Strip Steaks $18, 10 lb. popcorn chicken $15.

Check this out at and find a drop off place near you. We can order March's food up until March 11th.

Maybe this is the BIG LOTS of foods. We got 2 orders last month and one box had fish sticks and the other had fish burgers. Same size box, just fish served differently. On one fish box it said, "Chet Special." I don't know if an actual CHET put the fish together or if they mispelled Chef. So the food we get may be good-rejects. They also reserve the right to substitute for any of the food that you've ordered. This month we were to get bacon-wrapped pork and got the pork chops instead.

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