Saturday, February 04, 2006

Announcer Elbow

I think I've been inflicted with something similar to tennis elbow. For about the past month my left are has been tight, especially around my elbow area. My left arm sometimes feels has a tingly sensation in it as if it has fallen asleep. I've got a few possible explanations for this. First, I tend to carry my son with my left arm and balance him with my right hand. Second, I've had a cell phone for a little over a month now and I hold it in my left hand and really cock it up while I am talking. Third, this is the first year that I announce back to back basketball games, roughly 4 hours worth. I tend to sit in the same position with my arms rested on the scorer's table and I hold the mic in my left hand. Last, my arms are slightly raised as I sit at the computer to type or surf online. It could be a combination of these things, or maybe I have partial blockage of my arteries.

Time for the 40 year old physical............"moon RIVER......"


Jennifer said...

Every so often, I need to wrap my elbow or wear a brack because of the exact type of pain you have. People ask, "What happened?" I'm very embarrassed to answer, "I was knitting." Yup, knitters elbow. Someone once said, "Ummm, you should come up with a different answer."

Jennifer said...

That would be brace, sorry