Saturday, February 11, 2006

M _ _ _ Nash!

I announced my last boys basketball game for the year last night and when I looked at the visitor's score book the 2nd name listed was M. Nash. I kind of chuckled and when I asked their team manager for first names so I could announce them during the game he said the name and it was my name. Deja Vu!

A few minutes later I was handed the starting line up cards and I WAS STARTING! When I announce line ups I announce the visitors to the Top Gun Theme song so it went something like this: Now starting for the Texans, playing post, 6'3" Junior, number 4, M _ _ _ NASH! The crowd went wild. Really only the hand full of visitors clapped. I actually hesitated when announcing the next name. It felt kind of surreal.

During the game M _ _ _ Nash only scored 7 points, but he played most of the game. I had a side wager with the guy running the clock that I would score 10 points.

Have you ever heard your name out somewhere else?


Anonymous said...

You should have thrown in some of your names.. THE NASHINATOR, THE NASH OF SPADES, THE NASHMAN OF THE AMERICA'S, or "#4, brother of Steve, M....Naaaaassssshhhhhh"


Billy V said...

Did you ever think you would be 6'3"?

The MAN Fan Club said...

YES and NO: reply to anon and billyv. I never thought I'd score 7 points in a game. I think my max at church was 3 points.

Billy V said...

I told you once I bought a car from a sales manager named Michael Nash in Richardson.

Deanna said...

When I worked at the retail store in Tennessee I had actually had a girl return something and when I asked for her name she said the same as mine, even the last name. Her birthday was the day before mine, I thought I was in the twilights zone really, it was really bizzare.