Thursday, October 02, 2008

74 cent dinner

I had to post this one. Tonight after my son and I got our haircuts we went to the nearby Chick Fil A. Of course I had my coupons in line: 2 free kids meals, a free 4 pack tenders with a medium drink purchase. I ordered all that and got the #1 Sandwich meal for my wife. Before the cashier rang it all up the manager recognized me and told the young man to ring me up as the police 50% discount. I get this deal on Friday mornings and he doesn't charge me for my drinks. I told the manager that I had a bunch of coupons and didn't need the discount, but the young man rang it all up anyway. When he was finished he said I owed him 74 cents. I chucked and asked if he was sure. He double checked and assured me that was the total. 74 cents for about $20 worth of food. After analyzing the menu board I'm sure the guy didn't charge me at all for my wife's sandwich meal. He only charged me for the medium drink and then halfed it.

My frequent Friday order is usually two-3 pack chicken minis, a cinnamon cluster, a chicken and egg biscuit along with a large diet Coke. Retail value about $11. I usually pay less than $5. At this rate when someone asks me to pick them up something I usually refuse because I don't want to overextend my welcome.

Again I can never say enough good things about Chick Fil A. They take coupons that have expired and their service is always great. That's one thing I miss in St. Louis. They don't have free standing Chick Fil A's. I really only know of 2 that are located in malls and I'm not sure they have breakfast. I'd way rather do breakfast at Chick Fil A than dinner. They will also cook waffle fries during breakfast time too. Although I've never ordered them. They are delicious.

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