Saturday, October 04, 2008


What a day. I left the house about 9am to help a friend move his mom out of her house. After 25 or so years she filed papers yesterday and we went over this morning for the first time since he got this letter. I was a little apprehensive not knowing the situation, but everything went well. The guy, "Dale" just sat in his chair while we carried out items. Dale is my friend's step-dad. My friend said his biggest fear would be that we'd find Dale dead. Good thing we didn't. I was more worried about someone finding us dead after a confrontation. I said a few prayers and things went smoothly.

We loaded things in both our trucks, took 2 trips, and our day ended about 5pm.

The biggest pain of the day was the new neighbor at the apartment complex who is just below my friend's mom. She actually knocks on the door and I answered. She introduced herself as the neighbor down below and I invited her in. She tells me, "I know you are moving in, but you are being a little loud. We can here every little step that you take."

REALLY. I've busted my butt for 8 hours, walked a flight of stairs moving out and then moving in and the first impression we have of the new neighbor is a whiny neighbor. Cut us some slack, it's 4pm in the afternoon.

Good luck friend's mom. Guess the grandkids won't be visiting that much.

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