Monday, October 13, 2008

Dating Again

My wife and I are officially married to "the Church", but are dating a local "church." After having left our last church for a few deal breaking differences we have found ourselves at a church where we are able to enjoy worshipping God without interference. We made one visit to a former church where the pastor and good friend Bro. Bill A is still shepherding the flock. It was a much needed Sunday with a great lunch and helpful counsel.

As my wife and I reflect on our transition we are able to see that we were over-extended at our last church which was a starter church with attendance hovering around 100 people and my wife and I were serving in multiple capacities. I think that interfered with us being to worship on a regular basis. Our current church has 4 services with about 300 people at the main service and we'll keep a lower profile for a little while. There are kids everywhere and both of our kids have yet to complain. This past Sunday the bathrooms were rendered useless due to construction efforts. We kept waiting for one of our kid's #'s to come up for a potty run. It didn't happen.

One other plus of this church is that my good friend B goes there and we can discuss the sermon topic and sharpen each other. He is the one who was my link to this church. Our next step in this relationship is to find a bible study group to join. Then slowly, but surely, I'll get involved in Men's Ministry and start serving as well.

As Bro. B said, we'll need some time to heal.

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