Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Positive Props

Yesterday I received two positive comments from parents of 2 different boys. One parent said they their child just thought I was the greatest and another parent said her child was having a great year as a first year student at my school. I'm tempted to ask these parents to put the words in email so I can document it in my professional folder.

Side Notes:

My son was up again in the middle of the night complaining of ear aches. This happened a week ago as well. We check his ears and he had tons of wax compacted. My wife took off this morning and they flushed both of his ears with peroxide and water. Guess we'll need to do that here as well.

I ordered a 10 peice wing to split with my daughter and they cheated us a wing and only gave us 9. My daughter had a hard time accepting that I got 5 wings and she got 4.

48 degrees last night here in North Texas.....AWESOME!

8 more days before heading to St. Louis.

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