Monday, October 27, 2008

Conference Day

Students were off today as the district provided the teachers a full day to conference with parents. I have 22 students and offered conference timeslots of 15 minutes long from 7:45am to 3:30pm. I did meet with one parent last week so I needed to squeeze in 21 more. I only met with my homeroom and not the other 2 classes......NICE.

This was the smoothest conference day I've been a part of. I never had more the 4 in a row without getting a break. I didn't have anyone waiting more than a minute or 2. I only had one cancel and was able to add one appointment midday. Just 3 of my 22 parents did not make appointments so my success rate was pretty good.

Probably the best thing about this day was that I was able to say positives about every student that I have. My homeroom is awesome and I know how lucky or blessed I am to have such a good group. As Trace Adkins would sing, "These are the good times...."

I pray the rest of the year goes as smooth as the first 9 weeks have gone.

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