Sunday, October 05, 2008

Studio Movie Grill

Took my family to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua today during the lunch hour. We went to a movie theater called Studio Movie Grill. The concept of this theater is to eat lunch or dinner while you are watching the movie. I surprised my kids and for lunch we went to watch the movie. I took my $5 off diet Pepsi cans and we all got in for FREE! Before the movie started we ordered a hamburger cut into 4ths for the girls, my son got a pizza and I got a grilled chicken sandwich. We each ordered a soft drink that included free refills. For some reason I splurged and ordered the $8 potato skins which drove our overall cost to $45 for lunch.

The kids loved the movie and it was entertaining enough for adults as well.

The downside of the experience was that the seats, all leather type office recliners, were jammed side by side. Since the movie wasn't sold out I fixed this by pulling one chair back thus creating a little more elbow room for everyone. Each row you were given the choice of a counter type seat or you could sit back at tables for 2. We sat at the counter figuring it would be easier for the kids to see. It was also very cold inside the theater so my wife went and got the one small blanket that we had in the car. I was surprised and disappointed that there were no salt and pepper to be had. Guess I could have asked for some.

Good experience overall. Guess this idea goes over well with couples who want to save baby sitter time by getting to have dinner and a movie at the same time. Instead of reserving 5 hours you could get it all done in about 3 hours.

Check it out

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