Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feeling Ripped Off

I only spent $5.40, but felt ripped off. I stopped by a local grocery store tonight to pick up tortilla chips for dinner and checked out the Redbox to pick up a movie for tonight as well. I glanced thru the movies and nothing realing jumped out at me. With someone standing behind me waiting to use the box I left and came on home.

After dinner I decided to run to Blockbuster to pick up a movie since they would have a full selection of movies. More choices for me really isn't good because I'll take forever to make a decision. I ended up picking a movie that was available in the Redbox and I knew I was going to pay more at Blockbuster.

I always feel the wait at Redbox is long when you actually have to wait, but my wait at Blockbuster was longer and more torturous since I knew I was waiting to pay more for a similar movie. I finally got checked out and pulled a $5 out of my wallet hoping it was going to be under $5. NOPE. With tax it ended up being $5.40. About $4.33 more for the same movie. I left the store feeling ripped off. I wish I had gone to the Blockbuster that was on the side of town that the Redbox was located. I would have left and saved $$$ and felt better.

It would be like paying the following:

$50 for a pizza from Dominos
$750 for a Southwest Airlines round trip ticket to St. Louis
$15 for a kids meal at McDonalds.
$150,000 for a loaded Jeep Wrangler
$250 for our lunch at Red Lobster today

I am once again reminded why I don't rent from Blockbuster.

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