Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting Sick

Monday during conferences about 8:15am our fire alarm went off in the school. If you've been to a place of business these alarms are really loud and annoying. We were assured that we did not have to leave the building since it was a false alarm. About 10 minutes later we were indeed told we needed to evacuate the building since nobody really knew why the alarm was going off. The fire department showed up and we stood around outside for about 15 minutes. I think it was during this 15 minutes in the chilly morning air that my sinus system became irritated.

All weekend I felt fine. Even up until about 2pm Monday I felt fine. Then I felt it coming. My nose began to run a little. My nose was really cold and if I could have found a nose muff I probably would have worn it. I apologized to my afternoon appointments because I just did not feel my best. I began to fatigue and I sensed I was getting sick. I went from feeling chipper to feeling like I needed to take a LONG nap within about 4 hours.

I still don't know if I have a cold or if the cold front brought something in triggering some allergies. I took a benadryl knock off yesterday and caught a buzz while teaching. I won't take 2 again while teaching. I got a good night's rest and today felt better, but I moved from runny nose to sinus drainage in my throat to now I seem stopped up and my throat is scraggly. Hopefully I'll be 100% by the weekend.

When I'm feeling ill like this I love to drink orange juice and drink soups. The vitamin C probably does boost my immune system and if I had been filling myself with fruits and veggies on a regular basis I would probably not get sick that often. I also get confused on what meds to take when I get sick. I'll stand in the aisle looking at all the boxes trying to diagnose myself and what I need. What is the best way to spend at quick $10?

What do you do when you get sick? What are some of your routines you do to try to ward off sickness or at least shorten the duration?

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