Sunday, September 21, 2008


This is my son's first year for playing baseball and Friday night was his 2nd game of the season. We were worried because we signed him up with many boys who are older than him and who had already played last year. I was pretty anxious that first practice to see if he could hold his own and keep up. I left that practice knowing he'd do alright. The first game the coach put him at first base knowing he would have a good chance at catching balls thrown his way. When I say catch I really mean stop all the balls that are rolling his way because not many 4 and 5 year olds throw the ball that well.

His first game he actually fielded 2 grounders and tagged the bag for his first 2 put outs ever. He hit off the tee and really had a good understanding of the game.

Friday night he hit live pitching and hit the first pitch he saw. He popped it up and the pitcher almost caught it, but nontheless he did pretty good. If a child doesn't hit 3 live pitches then he will hit off the tee. My son hit live pitching both times. The highlight of the night was that he fielded 2 balls in the same inning getting 2 more unassisted put outs. He knows what he is doing because he is already doing a little bit of a fist pump. He was bummed out when he was moved to 3rd base for the last 2 innings. He already knows he'll see less action at third.

I think I had unrealistic expectations for him since he seems to be a natural at all things that involve throwing, catching or kicking a ball. Thing is he's really exceeding my expectations because he almost needs little to no coaching. He really learns by watching and learns quickly when told. The cool thing is he looks like a ball player as well.

Time to start video taping.

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