Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Sunday evening I did a little grocery shopping and asked for $40 cash back. I was engaged in conversation with a younger gentleman who has worked at this store for a while. We talked football and I grabbed my things and was on my way. I had already made plans to go to the movies with my friend B and right before heading out the door I told my wife that I got us each $20 for the week. I then check my wallet, no luck. I grabbed the receipt from my pocket, no luck. I then checked the car, again, no luck. I realized I never received the money from the cashier.

Now I was in a bind because it was near 7:30 and I was to meet B at the movies about 10 minutes away for the 8pm movie. As I pulled from the driveway I called B and said I'd be pushing 8pm. As I walked into the grocery store the young man was carrying his drawer to customer service. This is when I ran up and tackled him.....not. I walked to customer service and said I was sure that I didn't receive the cash back. The manager on duty asked who it was and I said the guy who justed checked out.

I am thinking I'll have to leave my name or wait a while. That's when she said, "Give me a minute and I'll count his drawer." I sat and read a little about Hurricane Ike from the Sunday paper and within 5 minutes she handed me $40.

This was one of those moments that made up for the times you do get ripped off AND/OR you have to wait a long while.

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