Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lost Badge

I dressed up yesterday and right before walking out the door I decided to change shirts. I grabbed one that didn't need ironing and I was on my way. I got to my truck and realized that I didn't have my badge for work. I was sure that I put it on previously, but couldn't find it anywhere as I traced my steps back thru the house. I even checked for it twice on the first shirt I put on. After about 10 minutes I had to leave.

Last night I was all over the house looking for it. I folded all the close in our room. Checked that shirt again. I looked in the hamper as well as the washroom, our cars and under furniture. No luck.

This morning as I was spending my last 30 minutes dozing while my wife was getting ready I heard, "I found your badge." My wife tossed it onto the bed. She found it in her make up bag. Guess it fell off as I changed shirts. I would NEVER have found it on my own.

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