Monday, September 08, 2008

Dine Out Cheap

I still wish someone who knew about websites and servers would hook up with me and start a website called . I am the professional on how to take your family out to lunch or dinner CHEAP. Mainly it deals with when kids eat free and knowing portion sizes and how many certain meals will feed. Splitting meals is often involved and do avoid paying for kids meals.

Tonight: McD's(not the healthiest) Quarter Pounder meal, upsized, 3 double cheeze and one additional $1 drink. $10.

Last night: Dickeys BBQ 2 meat platter with 2 sides, FREE kids meal pulled pork sandwich with a side, add a kids drink, ice cream is alway included. $12.

Last week: Chick Fil A did a free 3 piece strip package for anyone wearing a football jersey or team logo. 2- 3 peice strips, 2 coupons for FREE kids meals, Large waffle fries, sandwich no pickle, one more drink. $8. Chick Fil A ALWAYS has coupons and takes them long after they expire.

Every Friday: Chick Fil A for breakfast, 2- 3 pack chicken minis, 1 cinnamon cluster, 1 chicken with egg biscuit, one large diet Coke. $5.50. Okay this deal is just for me. One of the students I've had the last 2 years has a parent who works there every Friday and I get the 1/2 "public servant" deal. I actually got the deal this Friday from another worker who has seen me for so long.

Last Tuesday: New York Sub Hub. They have a footlong sandwich of the day for $4.79 and the six inch for $2.79. Add a $3 bag of chips and have the family split ONE drink and you get in for under $12. WAY better than Subway or Quiznos.

The Zone Pizza Buffet: On Sundays kids eat free. The buffet is about $6 per adult. If you must have drinks the cost ends up being about $16 for a great buffet with TVs to watch NFL as well.

That's why I am in charge of lunches at my school. Especially on Fridays I manage to find ways for us all to eat for about $5 each when other teachers are ordering delivery and spending as much as $10.

My long term goal is to prove that you can dine out cheaper than dining at home. You do have to get some staples like milk and ice. I find deals on that. Once again, I'm FRUGAL, not CHEAP. Cheap is buying Kroger brand drinks. Frugal is finding diet Pepsi on sale for $2 per 12 pack.

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