Saturday, September 06, 2008

To Hooters or Not to Hooters

I got the invitation today by a good friend to meet him, his wife and a few friends at a local dinner/drinking establishment. When my wife informed me that her plans included going home and going to be early I accepted the invite. The jackpot moment of the night was when my friend informed me that all restaurants and bars in our town had become smoke-free Sept. 1st. I was so disappointed....not.

The get together started to break up about an hour and a half after I arrived so I was a little disappointed. I figured I'd be out til about midnight and now I had 2 hours to spare. Since I hadn't had dinner I decided to pick it up on the way home. The Jack in the Box drive thru had about 15 cars in it. That's when the idea for chicken wings came about. My favorite place closed at 10. My second option was Buffalo Wild Wings, but the idea of getting Hooters wings to go jumped right to the forefront. Thus the conflict.

I personally don't have a problem with Hooters. The waitresses are wearing less revealing clothing than many high school girls. It's the "taboo" thing for many people like me who are committed to a more conservative church. I'm married to a wife who went one time and would never go again. If I do go with friends and someone from church sees me it could be a bad witness moment, and so on.

I pulled up and walked right in. I was surprised at how empty the place was for a Friday night. The ratio was probably 75/25 guys vs. girls not including the waitresses. I'm sure the place will be packed on Saturday for college football and Sunday for NFL. I ordered 12 wings, fries and a diet Pepsi(to go). I got my bill and it was over $20. WHAT. I checked and the order was for 20 wings. Oh well. My drink was more than my fries too. I tipped and my meal ended up costing $24.....OUCH. For me....double OUCH OUCH.

The late night dinner was G R E A T. I got my wings with the sauce on the side. I LOVE their fries too. 10 wings would have been plenty.

End result. I don't feel bad about going. I didn't sit around getting sloshed and I didn't stare...that long at the waitresses. I actually was being a critic of the girls. Not a very flattering outfit for most of the girls there. You don't really see any skin, but you do know exactly what each girl has. AND that said, most of the girls at this Hooters would benefit from 30 minutes daily on the treadmill and/or a membership to Jenny Craig.

So, are you a Hooters fan?

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