Saturday, May 26, 2007


Yesterday I had 2 MAJOR bouts with heartburn. They kind that made me wonder if I was having a heart attack. My diet lately has really contributed to my having to chew a few Tums here and there.

Friday started with 2 1/2 breakfast bacon and egg soft tacos followed by a few snacks from our grade level reward day. For lunch we had chicken fajitas, chips and salsa. By 2:30 I was in so much pain that I went to the nurse's office and snagged 4 Tums. I had planned on eating 2 and then have 2 in reserve. Within 10 minutes I had ingested all 4. After 10 minutes the heartburn subsided.

Later that evening I picked up a few movies for us to watch and stopped by the Buffalo Wings A & D place for carryout. On top of the wings I had a snack mix and just before going to bed I opened a gift I received from a student, Henry and David's Moose Munch Confection: Popcorn, chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate peanuts and almonds.

After 10 minutes in bed it all started again. I was belching about ever 30 seconds. I took 4 Rolaids, ate a mini muffin followed by a glass of milk. I then remembered that I had some Nexium in the pantry.

I went to bed sitting up and slept alright. I feel fine today!

All that junk and I get on the scales today and I'm still under 200 pounds.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

YouTube Videos

Yesterday it was recommended by BillyV that I check out YouTube and watch a kid doing a cannonball before being baptized. It was my first official trip to YouTube and I feel like I hit the jackpot. I love checking out the videos and songs by some of the bands I've heard about, but never could really place the names with the songs. My first 3 real searches have been for: The Fray, The Killers and Snow Patrol. I've known at least one song of these bands and now I am able to listen to other songs to see how much I like the bands. I've even stumbled across a few songs that I've at least heard before.

A long time ago I thought it would be great to check out old commercials and it seems that I am able to do this on YouTube also.

Check it out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Winding Down

3 more days with students for me. My wife just has tomorrow so she crosses the finish line first. I feel I've had a really good year, but know in my heart I did not give it my best these last few weeks. I don't know if I contribute it to being too busy or just not being that excited to be in the building I am in.

Today we rewarded the 1/2 of the students who finished their class goals with a treat and an extra 20 minutes outdoor play time. I actually monitored these well behaved, self-motivated students for a few seconds and felt a sense of happiness and peace. THEN, I headed back to my room to work with the students who did not meet their goals YET(2 days left.......HELLO). This class contained many of the off task, often talking, distracting others, behavior issue kids. These kids I really feel have worn me out and stole a lot of my joy. I feel I am cheating the GOOD 1/2 dealing with the other 1/2. Many of my colleagues feel the same way and really feel defeated this time of the year.

I really look forward to a FRESH start next year and really want to keep myself in a position to stay fresh and excited while teaching almost ALL THE TIME!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Top 10 List

10+ Changes that happened while the Pastor Was Away

10. Pastor's office is now a video arcade.
9. Salvation Detectors were installed
8. Members filled out automatic debit since Pastor often forgets to take offering
7. 2 for 1 membership drive was successful
6. We cancelled Worship Service and went to Chicken Express at church's expense
5. We installed 2 bowling lanes to give members and visitors options on Sundays
4. Starbucks was built in the corner
3. Confession Stalls put in to make Catholic visitors comfortable
2. Poster of Marylin Monroe was put at the door as the official greeter
1. Astroturf was installed and all the lawn equipment sold on EBAY (my first move as Head Groundskeeper)

Honorable mentions

-High Dive installed for exciting future Baptisms
-Sonic Style speakers put in for option to listen to sermon on parking lot
-Valet Parking raised $100, only one car stolen
-Members were taught how to pull plank from each other's eyes
-We practiced throwing stones, although nobody was without sin
-We made prank phone calls to those were weren't in attendance Sunday

Let me know your favorite(or add your own and I'll post the adds)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Welcome Back CB

My good friend CB, blog signature name "me" should have gotten back tonight from his week long mission trip to Honduras. I'm not sure of what all was involved, but I guarantee you he didn't go down to sit on the beach and relax. Typically these mission trips are tough on you as most comforts are stripped away. I'm looking forward to hearing about the trip and how many opportunites for serving others came up.

Top 5 Things CB Missed While Away(that I know of)

5. Suns lost games 5 and 6 to lose their series. A late flagrant foul on Horry to Nash caused Diaw and Stoudamaire to leave the bench in defense. They were both suspended for game 5 which the Suns lost. Then lost game six in S.A.
4. Nice weather: A nice cool front came thru and for 5 straight days we have been allowed to cool the house with outdoor air. Nicest week of the year.
3. : My wife and I found an outdoor restaurant garden(known as a beer garden in St. Louis) and there was a one man(high school student) act playing songs by: Caedmons Call, Switchfoot, Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Mathews Band, etc. I'll have to take him by one night.
2. Driving HWY 75, traffic and work. I'm sure that is not something he actually missed.
1. Family: Not sure if he was allowed to take a cell phone, but I know CB is glad to be back with his wife and daughter. I look forward to hearing stories about "noises" heard while he was gone.

Looking forward to reading his posts about his trip and how he was able to help others! He's linked on my blogsite to the right under CB. He BETTER post!

Welcome back!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Off Day

Yes, I did take a sick day Wednesday, one day after going to E-care for some sinus and ear issues. Got put on antibiotics, steroids and Mucinex. Wednesday really didn't cost me anything. I mowed 2 lawns early and got paid $10 for one lawn.(+10) Mowed another lawn and will be paid $30 later. Spend $1 on a Route 44 Sonic diet Coke(+9). I then came home and did a little lawn work and cleaned up. I stopped and bought new socks at the Reebok outlet store for $12.(-3). After that I saw a movie on a FREE pass and used $9 in giftcards basically costing NOTHING for the movie.(-3) McDonalds fish meal for lunch, $5. (-8) I came home to receive $15 for one of the early lawns.(+7) I took the kids to dinner and used a $10 gift certificate to Dickeys and spent $5 out of my own pocket.(+2)

As busy as I was Wednesday I ended up positive cashwise and as of Friday I am feeling a little bit better.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hummer News

The HUGE Hummer went on sale back in the early 90's during Desert Storm and I remember when our used Jeep salesmanager thought he was The MAN when he bought one at an auction for $30K. It was kind of like a trophy for him. I actually got to ride in it and thought it was a little bit neat. Well, customers let it sit on our lot for 6 months and that was when gas was probably less than $1.50. I think we lost money on it to let it go. It was just a BIG vehicle and probably didn't fit thru most bank or restaurant drive thrus. Later down the line Hummer came out with a better sized H2 and then really went normal sized with the H3.

I do see plenty of these vehicles and saw a $50K H2 tonight being driven by a local dentist who advertised www.localdentist.c om, the local being my home town. I also saw this same website on an expensive BMW convertible. Business must be good, or the insurance companies pay well.

Back to the Hummer. I can't help but wonder how bad sales are now that gas has consistently stayed between $2.50 and $3.00. This on top of the bad PR Hummer must take for being the vehicle in which so many of our military heroes have died in due to roadside bombs. In the Hummer these guys don't stand a chance.

There is promising news about a new vehicle designed specifically to withstand the #1 cause of death to our military. The following is an excerpt about the MRAP that I found on wikipedia.

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles are a family of armoured fighting vehicles designed from the ground up to survive IED attacks and ambushes. There is no common design, there are several vendors, each with a competing entry.[1]

They have not released casualty rates from this vehicle which is in early testing, but the death rate is supposed to be very minimal. Good news for those who will be stuck over there in future years.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What's On My DVR

Monday-The Bachelor(cheesy but true)
Tuesday-Deadliest Catch(It's Opilio Crab Season)
Wednesday-World Poker Tour
Thursday-Survivor(no more)
Saturday-The Real Deal(Trademark properties from Flip This House)

Monday-Saturday at 1:05am Poker After Dark
Random-High Stakes Poker

I love being able to watch a 2 hour program in about an hour. The wife likes to set Grey's Anatomy and ER. We did have Boston Legal, but decided it was a little bit raunchy.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sport Clips

About 2 years ago I went to Sport Clips to get my haircut. It was the grand opening and the ads showed some pretty hot young athletic looking gals cutting hair and giving massages-FALSE ADVERTISING.

Last week I received a $20 bill from a student for teacher appreciation week so I really wanted to earmark that money for something special or different. I once again went by Sport Clips to get a haircut. Their full treatment is called the MVP-Triple Play. It basically consists of a cut, shampoo, hot towel to the face, a face massage followed up by a neck and shoulder massage. Total cost for the package is $22. The normal cut is $18 without the shampoo and massages so the extra $4 is not bad.

I pulled up at 6pm with my daughter and before I got to the door I decided not to go in telling my daughter too many people were waiting. She insisted that I get the haircut and she was definitely a trooper. We waited for about an hour before I got my haircut. Total time spent arriving to leaving was almost 1 1/2 hours. I was only comfortable waiting this long since my wife had an after school commitment.

I was satisfied with my cut and did get the most presentable, athletic worker. I have seen this girl working out at the gym that I attend. She did a good job and was great at conversation. Too many times I've received a haircut only to have someone cutting who does not strike up conversation.....AWKWARD!

Don't know that I'll go back if it takes over an hour. I'll just go to Supercuts and allow the ManShe crossdresser who cuts on Sundays do my hair and my total start to finish time is less than five minutes. Plus it is $8 cheaper. I'd just have to get my wife to shower me with a little affection afterwards to make up for the difference.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend Update

Friday I did take a teaching position at a new school and will be working with many of the kids that I have this year.

Saturday morning my friend CB or "me" left to go on a mission trip to the Honuras, pray for him.

Saturday I mowed and participated in our 2nd Saturday Outreach at church. Saturday night we went to buy mommy a couple nice chairs to sit and relax in out in our backyard.

Sunday I woke up in a funk and really struggled to stay positive today. We ended the night going to WalMart where I had my worst ever Walmart experience. It took 25 minutes for us to check out.

Sunday night we watched the final episode of Survivor.

Hopefully Monday I can get back on track with my diet. I've slipped big time the past 30 days.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Making a Change

Today I officially accepted a position at new school. I met the new administrator last Friday and planted a seed that I would be interested. I actually got an email asking for an interview this past Wednesday and received an offer last night while accepting today.

This new school is about 1 mile from my current location. I'll have some of the same students as I have this year. A few coworkers are making the move also. AND it looks like I'll get to teach just science.

New school actually has doors that close for each classroom. Imagine that! It will be easier to keep the concentration for those few students who suffer from not being able to focus.

I will miss the friendships that I've established over the last 3 1/2 years, BUT really look forward to working in an exciting, FRESH environment.

Maybe my posts will become more lively too!

Man Struck By Lightning

Saw a story on the news tonight about a man being struck by lightning while mowing. I joked around that I was not comfortable watching this story. Twice this year I have already mowed in the least ideal situations: first time was when I mowed 3 lawns in a medium downpour, 2nd time was when I wanted to mow my lawn before a storm arrived. That time I started my mower and just began my 2nd strip when a flash*bang hit in quick succession. That strike must have been within a 1/2 mile if not closer. I quickly stopped that time and waited about 10 minutes before mowing my lawn fully.

Today the guy was doing the same thing, mowing while it was still dry in hopes of beating the storm. They showed where he let go of his mower and it kept running as he crumpled to the ground.

This could SO HAPPEN TO ME! Thanks to God it hasn't!

I'll be sharing BIG news on tomorrow's or Saturday's blog!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quick Update

13 days of school left(1 field day, 1 talent show/reward day) Students have to go the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Bet that will be low attendance day.

Flooring guy came by and said fixing it should not be a big problem.

Taking on 2 positions at church: Groundskeeper leader and hospitality rep. on Sundays

Interviewed with school in MY district today: good possibility

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Worn out

Mowed 4 lawns Saturday morning before heading off to church to weed and mow for over 2 hours Saturday after noon. Then Saturday night I finally borrowed the equipment necessary for me to put in trim. We've had our hardwoods in since November and finally I got around to putting in trim. All has gone well except our entry area is octagon shaped with 4 different doorways. That makes for some tough cuts on the trim. I've got about 90% of it finished though.

Last night I felt a little hollow spot on the hardwoods as I walked from the living area to the kitchen. I stopped and walked back to find the floor had a bubble under the hardwoods. By today the area had more than quadrupled. We've called Lowes and they are supposed to get back to us tomorrow.

If you remember we bought our floors from Lowes, who then subcontracted with SunCarpet, who then subcontracted with probably some day laborers. We are praying they don't find some foundation defects. We also pray it is not our fault. In today's society it seems like good service and accepting fault is hard to come by.

Will keep you posted.

Worn out!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Man Card Punched

Last Sunday when we visited the Panchos buffet we talked about having our man cards and getting them punched at the buffet. Well, tonight I feel like I once again got my man card punched. A friend of mine has asked for my help in hauling some lawn trash to the dump and it has been a month or so. Early this week my friend pleaded for a little urgency in my help when she saw a rodent milling about the trash pile. That lasted about 2 days until the Wednesday night storms blew thru shredding the 2 main branches of her front maple tree.

Today she rented a chainsaw and after school we planned on attacking the tree. I showed up with NO game plan and was defeated early when I could not get the chainsaw started. We worked on multiple branches with a branch cutter and hand clippers. One blister later, not on me, we were rescued when her neighbor and his friend came down with their chainsaw. They cut the main branch AND got our chainsaw started.

About an hour and a half later we demolished the tree. We being myself, my friend, my wife and my son. The neighbor cut the whole tree down so we had our work cut out.

We started about 4:30 and after cutting and finally mowing all told the job took 2 1/2 hours. I was soaked since the sun finally made an appearance and it was extremely humid. We had great teamwork and I wonder how sore I may be 24 hours from now.

So, I feel like I got my man card punched tonight. I hope that cutting the tree up into little pieces will be my toughest task of the weekend.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

13-2 and a Broken Finger

We played our teachers vs. students kickball game last week and the students were really talking smack, especially to me. Well, the teachers let their play do the talking as we won 13-2 AND the students got to back at least 10 kickers each inning regardless of the # of outs.

During the game I played shortstop and was involved in many plays. I can proudly say that I am not the type of guy who will knock down the girls just to make a play. Early in the game I received a kicked ball and threw really hard to first base to get the out. A few innings later the firstbase woman stated that she felt her finger pop early in the game. Our nurse checked it out and said it was probably broken.

The next day my coworker showed up with a splint and a report that a tendon tore along with the break in the finger. That day the students were hounding me about breaking Mrs. J's finger.

As I pondered the situation I began to wonder how liable I was in the event. I did throw the ball pretty hard and she did catch it. I do know that the ball we used was really a hard ball too. I feel bad that she may need costly surgery even with having insurance. Should the school chip in? Should I help with the deductible? Could we accept donations from the other staff members? Could I detail cars with all proceeds going to the surgery?

What do you think, other that I'm a slimeball who was a little too competitive on the field? My son kept saying, "You kick the house.." referring to my long kick off the pavillion in right field that was called foul. Neat that he was watching his dad.