Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wasted Time

You know the time that you have to do and don't want to do it, but can't do anything else while you are doing it. Today I had an after school special curriculum meeting for Science. It was to last from 4-5:30. All after contract time without pay. I got there at 3:45 and it starts at 4:10. 10 minutes in I'm already staring at the clock and then at the presenter. I instantly became so tired and had to start rubbing my eyes. THIS STUFF IS BORING! Nothing like sitting thru something that you know isn't going to help your quality of life at all. I feel the same way about our many Wednesday after school staff meetings. Maybe 1 out of 5 meetings actually pay off. The whole time I am sitting there wondering what I COULD be doing and that I'll never get this hour of my life back. In my teen years I felt this way about going to worship services at my church. I guess I've matured and I actually look forward to worshipping with fellow believers.

The worse thing about today's meeting was the teaser. About 4:30 we were told that she would do her best to end it by around 5pm and give us a little daylight minutes for our drive home. About 4:45 she said we would probably go a few minutes past 5pm. At 5pm she said about another 15 minutes. Then at 5:32 she looks at the clock and says, "Oh my I guess we need to wrap this up." It was bad enough having to be there and not really at all checked in mentally. But to tease us like that and add another 30 minutes was torture and not at all fair.

Now I'm going to have to look at how to get this 1 1/2 hours back from my employer! This erases a lot of the FREE things I manage to get in this life.


txgrl said...

I'll have to keep that in mind, i have been asked to teach some technology classes at our technology building next semester, :) yea me!

The MAN Fan Club said...

If you are a good teacher you will not bore children OR adults!

jules said... give me SO much to look forward to once I get the degree finished! Gee, thanks. (As she spaces out doing her homework)

Pigs said...

That's horrible. Really awful. And I'm sure you got so many precious gems to bring back to your classroom with you. I despise those things; they're abusive to teachers and insulting to our intelligence.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Jules: focus on a week off at Thanksgiving, 2 a Christmas, 1 in March and ALL SUMMER.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to pigs: They expect us to sign up for them and get credit. For what? It would be like getting Walmart Dollars that I can't use!