Friday, December 30, 2005

The Visit

On the way to my dad's house we drove through beautiful Washington Missouri and checked out a few houses that my wife saw online. I think we still have a yearning to be back near family every time we come back for visits. We went to me dad's place and hung out for a while. He feels left out because "nobody comes to see me....I shouldn't even bother putting up Christmas lights...." He was pretty happy. My daughter got attacked by our old cat and ended up with 3 scratches on her face and a black eye when she hit it on the coffee table trying to get away. Looks better today.

We picked up pizzas to eat for dinner at my wife's parents. Very disappointed in "St. Louis' best Pizza place IMO's". One large one topping and a medium deluxe with a salad and garlic bread for a whopping $34. OUCH. We got half bakes and heated them later. Not only were they expensive, they were skimpy on toppings. I'll never do Imo's in St. Louis again. The place I formerly delivered for, Cecil Whitakers, is much better and you can get 2 large pizzas with 2 appetizers for under $25.

We ate, did presents, then stayed the night at her sister's place. My wife and I both had our own couch. Problem was they were not long enough to stretch out on. Rough night sleeping. Didn't help that I got up to PEE 3 times.

I am back in St. Louis at a friend's house. ON the agenda for sure is to play hockey tonight at 9pm. Better start stretching right now!


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Dude! Imo's Suuuucks!!!

But then again, you ate White Castle sober (or at least that's your claim....)

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to Ms.: I ended up eating White Castles twice in one day. They were better after playing hockey.