Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Teacher Gifts

Wow, 1 more day to go and I almost can't wait. I've gotten more gifts in just 3 days than I got the last 8 years teaching Special Ed. I'm sort of being harrassed by other teachers about how excited I am to be getting these gifts. My biggest issue was etiquette. When do you open a gift that a child gives you? Immediately? When I do finally open a gift the rest of the class loses all sense of classroom rules and they flock around me violating my personal space. "Back off and go sit down," I grumble in a voice that appears irritated. I've found out that you open them RIGHT AWAY!

For those of you keeping score at home.

Gift ONE: A ceramic Santa coffee mug with a closeable sippy lid. (REGIFT)
Gift TWO: Actually a card. I ended up opening that at home hoping a giftcard would fall out. No such luck. Just nice, kind words.
Gift THREE: $10 Sonic giftcard from a parent/office secretary. I've got to learn to keep my mouth shut because this student's 2 other teachers have yet to get anything. KEEPER!
Gift FOUR: $5 Panera bread giftcard. KEEPER!
Gift FIVE: Actually came with the Panera card; a fleece sports themed blanket. Might work for my son. KEEPER, probably.
Gift SIX: $10 Sonic giftcard. For some reason I did not open a card yesterday and it sat on my desk all night and I opened it this morning. This student must think I'm not appreciative. KEEPER!
Gift SEVEN: A real nice Texas Longhorn brown leather wallet. Probably worth $20 or so on EBAY. KEEPER! I'll transfer the new stuff tomorrow.
Gift EIGHT: A $10 gift card to a hamburger joint called ScottyP's. K E E P E R! This came from a student mentor from my room. He also threw in some sweets!
Gift NINE: A baseball bat pencil holder. Pencils. 2 mounted baseballs that double as pencil holders. All I think of when looking at these 2 baseballs with a hole in each for the pencil is....."boobies..." . It's funny if you hear it in a Homer Simpson voice tone. Can you say, "White Elephant gift possibilities?

Let's see what tomorrow holds. I've stooped to the point of bribing students for gifts. And in one case begging one student whose father manages a nice restaurant in town.

Better make room for the gifts and clean out my car!



H0kie Erin said...

As a sub, I've received 5 gifts in 3 years. I think that's pretty good.

My mom usually asks the kid if she can open the present right then (they always say yes) - then she ooo's and ahhh's appropriately over it (while I think - 'SCORE! It's a candle-it's coming to my house'). Shows the other kids and moves on. Seems to go pretty well.

Enjoy your gifts. It's one of the many perks of being a teacher.

Wiccachicky said...

Wow! A wallet!? That's a nice gift from a student!! The gift cards are always nice too - did I add right, you got $20 for Sonic? That's a family meal for sure!

Billy V said...

I used to get a lot of christmas cards at the church. One year I put a bunch of unopend cards in a Bible and din't find them until March. One had a check for 30$ in it. Nice!

Anonymous said...

guess what i got at work today? jack squat!

Deanna said...

It is always nice to get gifts from people especially when you weren't even expecting it to begin with.

Pigs said...

You're like a kid in a candy shop.

kvkid said...

I got a lot of gifts when I was teaching pre-school in St.Louis. My favorite gifts were the Christmas tree ornaments (sp?). They often had the year and the kid's name on it.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to hOkie: No candles....which is fine by me.
I did SCORE this year.

Reply to Wiccachicky: Final count was $30 for Sonic. WOW. AND, 2 wallets.

Reply to Billy V: I have a feeling that I'll find a card or 2 buried beneath all the junk I left piled. We can hope!

Reply to anonymous: Can you sell 'jack squat' on EBAY for anything?

Reply to deanna: I really didn't think about it until I got my first gift. I'll be more prepared next year and may even have to plant seeds on what I really want.

Reply to PIGS: It was fun for me. Too bad your week imploded. Have a great break. Your turn for Sonic when we get back. 'Grilled chicken' for me by then.

Reply to kvkid: I remember getting an ornament from my 1st grade teacher with my name on it. Not sure where it went?

Anonymous said...

You REGIFTED my gift? I'm crying now.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to anonymous: I haven't regifted anything yet. I'll keep yours.