Monday, December 12, 2005

Eat In or Dine OUT

I woke up Saturday determined not to spend a cent on meals for the day so I made breakfast instead of spending $3 on a few donuts for me and my kids. My fare included eggs(sunny side up), toast and hash browns. Sounds good huh? The eggs were perfect. I made a huge mess trying to make hash browns from scratch and my toaster only toasts on one side. Time making breakfast: 45+ minutes.

Lunch came around and I had a late lunch that consisted of a hand made sirloin burger. Sirloin left over from last Wednesday's "ice storm" night. I made square burgers and like Good Eats demonstrated I rolled out the hamburger really thin, added my spices, then folded it over sealing the spices inside. Nothing like burgers on sandwich bread. It wasn't too bad and I accompanied my burger with my donated Doritos. Time making lunch: 30- minutes.

Now time for clean up. What a mess! I had hash brown shreddings everywhere and since I tried 3 different ways to make them I had extra dishes. Add to that grease splashed everywhere from hash browns and my 2 burgers. Dining table all amess from the kids. Time cleaning up: 1+ hour.

After thinking about how I spent at least 2 hours of my day I think it best that I spend $3 on donuts. Plus I could have gotten a buy an adult combo, get a kids combo free and spend an additional $7. It would have been well worth the time saved and effort avoided to just go and eat out. Especially since I know where all the deals are.

On the way to our church Christmas party we stopped to get the kids Sonic. One kids corn dog meal and one grilled cheese sandwich, plus a 99 cent 44 oz. Coke: $5.70. The bummer thing was if I had ordered a kid's grilled cheese and added the corn dog, I would have saved 60 cents.

Don't you think a good order taker would inform me of this? SO, BUYER BEWARE. Darn near ruined my night spending 60 extra cents that I didn't have to!


Pigs said...

Dude, you seriously have a problem.

kvkid said...

Time added to your life for cooking in and eatting a little healthier : 12+ hours

A guess of course but it at least gets you that time back you feel you lost.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Reply to pigs: Problem as in making a mess cooking, or thinking of taking the easy way out and dining away from home? Wait til you have kids. GUS does not count.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Repy to kvkid: I probably was blogging while the hash browns were burning. What about the carcinogins that I ate?