Thursday, May 22, 2008

St. Louis Trip

I am getting excited about my trip to St. Louis. Generally in the past we would head out the last day of school as soon as the bell rang and the kids were safely off the parking lot. This year I am going to wait a week before heading out. I've staked my claim to 30 days in St. Louis. Last year I left with the kids and the wife came the last 2 weeks. This year she has been indecisive and to the day that my mom was arranging to fly down before driving back with us my wife informs me that she's decided to not work 3 weeks in June and will probably drive back with us, stay a week and then fly back.

Her indecision has kept me anxious as we really need to tie down the cheap Southwest Airlines "Wanna Get Away" airfares. Securing things hasn't really been a priority of hers. I got online tonight and the $59 fares were scarce. My wife was still throwing different dimensions into the trip such as her driving back with the kids and me staying the additional 2 weeks. Part of the catch of going for so many days is that my family will get to enjoy the kids. I went ahead and secured her a flight back on Saturday the 21st and she'll be arriving in DFW about 8pm if anyone would like to pick her up. The bummer thing of her flying back that night is that I'm supposed to detail a bunch of cars for CA$H that day and I probably won't see her off!

On a side note I broke down and called my friend Minhaul this morning. I hadn't verbally talked to him in about 3 months. My last real contact was the few days late birthday card that I sent him the end of March. Minhaul refuses to keep up with TheMAN thru email and my blog so in a way he won today when I called. I could hear it in his voice when he answered too! You're a good man MinMAN!

21 days before take off! 2 more weeks of school. Or 8 days with kids. Tic Tic Tic Tic. BillyV is in town this weekend and I'll get to spend time with him Sunday night.

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