Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shoe Casualty

My good friend Bif Barnes, a.k.a. billyv stayed over Sunday night before he headed back to Missouri. We played cards Sunday night and when we got home billyv decided it would be best if he let his slightly smelly shoes air out overnight before he headed home in the morning. Monday morning billyv came in asking if I had his shoes because they were no longer underneath his Honda. I assured him I did not move them.

The shoes disappeared. Sometime between 1:30am and 8:30 am Monday morning someone either took a pair of used Nike shoes or neighborhood dogs carried them away. I'd say it was a 50/50 chance that either one happened. We've had bibles stolen from my truck and a few weeks ago when I left a pair of shoes on the front porch one of them ended up beside my house. We do have a pack of 4 dogs that run wild.

Ironically I grew up in a neighborhood in St. Louis called Dogtown and here it looks like dogs carried away the great billyv's shoes.

Useless MAN fact of the day: Did you know that The Bata Shoe Museum, located in Toronto, Canada, is the only shoe museum in North America. The collection was compiled by Sonja Bata, of the Bata shoemaking family. The museum features shoes and shoe-related artifacts spanning 4,500 years.

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