Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Free Chipotle

It is teacher appreciation week in our area and kids are bringing little tokens this week: gum, pens, candy, etc. The REAL appreciation felt today was when I went to Chipotle and ordered a chicken bowl and it was FREE! The guy even said come back for a free dinner tonight. Tonight's order will be crispy chicken tacos. Advice was given to come in after the 7pm dinner rush. No problem! Thanks Chipotle for teacher appreciation day.

On a side note I ran a Norton Anti-virus scan and as of right now my searches aren't getting hijacked. It took about an hour to fully scan my laptop. Over 100,000 files were scanned finding about 4 trojans or download deals the hijack my searches sending me to 3-4 different websites. I read this is how some websites boost their traffic in order to justify charging advertisers a bit more.

Our computer tech at school advised paying the annual fee and have the Norton program scan each time I start up.

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