Monday, May 12, 2008

What to Do?

1. How do you tell someone who you are good friends with and respect very much that you don't want your kids hanging around one of his kids because they are a bully and a bad influence? This child is 2 years older than my daughter and 5 years older than my son. I think I am close to having to talk about this delicate situation soon.

2. Is it okay to mow your neighbor's yard without their permission? Our side yards join and his yard is extremely full of weeds. Today I noticed they weren't home and since I was mowing my yard I went ahead and mowed his adjoining yard. I proceeded to mow his front yard as well. I then edged and weeded. Last thing I did was put down some weed and feed. Should make my summer a little bit less stressful. My wife informed me that they took the kayaks out so I knew I wasn't going to get caught.

3. Went to Saltgrass Steakhouse right after church and found the wait was at least an hour. We went for refreshments and then home to do a little cleaning. Our plan was to go back after 2pm. At 2:15pm the wait was down to 45-50 minutes. We ended up hitting a drive thru on the way home.

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