Thursday, May 29, 2008


You may know it as Kentucky Fried Chicken, but after having dinner there Wednesday night I now know it as Kinda Feel Cheated. Really the only thing that I truly crave at KFC is the potato wedges. For years I would just get the 3 strip combo, wedges and a drink for around $2.99. For the past 2 years I've ordered a KFC/Taco Bell combo at the hybrid store by my school. For about $4.50 I could get 2 tacos, 2 strips, wedges and a drink. I'd actually split this with a friend from work with me getting the diet Pepsi. A while back this combo could only be had by their new build a combo.

Well, Wednesday night before church I recommended that my wife meet me at KFC instead of going to our usual Chicken Express. I had seen a 2 piece chicken with a side and biscuit deal for $1.99 and add 59 cents for a drink. Easily $5 for the kids to eat WITH drinks and maybe $5 if my wife and I split the KFC/Taco Bell combo.

When I arrived I noticed that the sign showed the 2 piece deal for Monday and the Chicken Fried Steak deal for Wednesday...STRIKE ONE. Then my wife and I searched the hard to read menu for a mix of food that my family would actually eat and for a decent price. Their menu is so hard to read. They don't have many single items listed so when I asked for an order of just wedges the guy asks what size? Then I look around and don't see anything listed so I ask. Their menu is hard to read...STRIKE TWO. I ask the young high school student if they still have the KFC/Taco Bell combo and he replied, "I don't think so." STRIKE THREE.

Not even the worker knows what they offer. Our meal ended up costing over $15 and the kids didn't eat much. The biscuit and wedges were great. The strips mediocre as was the tacos. My wife didn't complain about the Mexican Pizza that she got though. The diet Pepsi was good, but the cups were plain paper cups.....STRIKE OUT. This time of year with the high humidity having a styrofoam cup is a must if you even think about leaving the store with your drink.

Very disappointed and I didn't enjoy the food for what it cost me in money and Weight Watcher points. IF I ever go back I'll just order the large wedges for $2.99 and probably bring my own drink since I blogged a long time ago that their medium sized 20 oz. drink is $1.59. Sonic is right next door so I'd probably use my 99 cent sticker and get a route 44.

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