Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ants 2

I was mowing for a friend on Tuesday and a Preventive Pest Control guy was going door to door when he stopped me and asked if I was the owner. After I said no he almost left, but I disclosed that I lived nearby and that I have ant problems. I agreed to have him treat my house and on the contract it had 4 yearly treatments for a whopping total of $450 a year. This potential money spent was not planned so after thinking and researching for a day I called back and cancelled the services. I have ant problems, but not $450 worth.

I did some research and decided to go by a place nearby that offered "Do It Yourself" treatments. I was warmly greeted and assured that I only needed to spend $50 for their 3 step process so I purchased the products.

Then the next day my wife says that their nighttime janitor does pest control on the side so she left him a message. This morning he called and said he could come by early and take care of the ants. He put down dome liquid bait like I had already put in place. Then he sprayed the foundation of my house also taking care of a few wasp nests and a fire ant mound that my son came across. Luckily he only took on 2 bites.

When we asked what we owed the nice guy and he simply said nothing. "I can't charge you for what little I did." Wow, what a nice surpise. I joked with my friend B that we could use that money to go to the movies. Might go see Indiana Jones tonight with someone who was 1 the year the first one came out 27 years ago.

After mowing I clipped in at 199.5. Looks like I'll be having buttered popcorn tonight (: !

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