Saturday, May 17, 2008


I think I'm going to start charging the ants rent. They are everywhere in my house. They are so resilient too. They are miles away from their home, in ant measurements, and they are looking for food. I'm pretty sure they don't have any pockets, but once they find food they manage to alert their friends. Last year I found a steady stream of ants hiking up the wall in our pantry to the top shelf. After killing them individually for about a week I investigated. They managed to find a corn syrup jug with a lose lid and they made their way inside. Must have been a thousand dead ants inside. Don't they communicate how dangerous things can be. Also they don't seem to catch on when they find dead, smashed friends on the counter.

I did have a blast today at church as I mowed over ant hills. Some of these hills were nearly a foot tall out in the field. They scurry around in a frenzy. Doesn't seem to be a method to the madness. I do know when you disturb a fire ant mound they do their best to seal off the mound.

I guess I could be thankful that the ants that come inside aren't fire ants. I polled my friends last night at cards and most of them say they've had problems with ants as well.

Can you exterminate ants?

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